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Gaia's Gifts is an online shop that supplies the best Crystals, handmade jewellery and Pagan items from all over the world. The page is run by Jess who is dedicated to getting the best items to her customers for the best prices.

Jess is 23 and is the owner of the Business, she started Gaia's Gifts in October 2010 where it started as an ebay shop, it then developed to have its own website and Facebook presence. Jess is a Usui Reiki Master, has a diploma in Anatamoy & Physiology and in Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression. Jess has had a love of crystals since she was a small child and went on to complete an A level in Geology in her teens, crystals are her passion and she always sources the best.


    So peeps we have been away for awhile so I would love to do a giveaway of this stunning oak, Amethyst and Citrine Dragon Wand.

    To be in a chance of winning please follow this link and click the like with facebook button. This is my profile and will help me on my fitness journey, this will take 2 seconds I promise :).

    Then just reply/message with the answer to the following question..

    "How will you use your wand and why do you deserve to win?"

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    The Cosmic Deck of Initiation Oracle Deck

    Morning folks I have a lovely new oracle card deck which has such superb profound messages that I just have to share with you. 

    I am also trying to win a competition that’s important for me on my fitness journey so thought we could do a trade!

    Please follow this link and click the facebook like button (will load next to the twitter one) this will take a few seconds.

    Then either reply to this post or pop me a message and I will draw you a card and send you the message it has given you.

    Sound fair? :) Thanks guys! 

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    Hello Tumblr

    Long time no speak :) since our website is being remade I decided to start up the blog again.

    Will be sharing new articles and stock with you all soon, glad to be back!

    Jess <3


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    So sorry my lovelies, but it maybe a long while before I can get back to Tumblr on a regular basis. I am so busy I don’t even have time to think let alone post/browse/reply to messages on Tumblr. However, you can find me on my business page on Facebook where I am the majority of the time. So if you need help or just want to chat then come and find me here

    Love and Light

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    This beautiful piece is A Grade Fluorite. Huge at 110mm and really thick, on sale at £15 :) first to message me gets him!

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    thezengirl-deactivated20120126 asked: Do you have any book suggestions on Reiki and other Energy Healing ability? I'm very interested in learning about it, but I don't know where to start.


    I have actually never found a Reiki book that I would recommend to anyone else. I bought the Magick of Reiki and couldnt get past page 40 it was so terrible. Reiki is not something you can learn from books you need to be empowered by a Reiki Master to do Reiki. Any info you want to learn about it can be found on the web and the practice will be learnt by a Master when you do first degree :) x

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    Anonymous asked: Hello! So I'm embarking on my pagan path solo, and don't have the money to spend on a full out year and a day program online. Where do I begin? What's important to learn in a year and a day?


    They do those programs?! Traditionally a year and a day is study through books and finding yourself not something you do online, especially not something you pay money for you! What you need is time and books. Start with the Scott Cunningham books and go from there :) x

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    keepcalmandbeunique asked: hiya Jess i've been a self harmer for a while now, although i dont want to stop, i know i should as its making my relationship difficult. i was wondering if you knew any spells to help me stop it as im sort of addicted to it.
    blessed be,
    Georgia x


    Sorry for late reply hun been very busy! I have no spells for that hun I’m afraid, but some spells that can help you emotionally are here. I used to a self harmer myself, the only way I got out of the habit was to realise the rule of three. You are harming yourself so it will come back on yourself threefold. You are making things worse by self harming, although if you don’t want to stop then you won’t. Its best if you seek some help hun, as you must want to stop xx

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    Faery Gift Set includes:
    1x Mini faery bell
    1x Glass Gold Crackle candle holder
    1x Mini handmade besom
    1x Wooden Incense box/holder with 20x incense sticks
    1x Mini Faery statue perfect for your altar
    1x Faery Granular Incense
    1x Faery Suncatcher
    5x Crystals (any from my shop - not shown in pics)
    3 x Votive Candles Tropical, Apple and Melon
    1x Chakra Chip Bracelet

    £15 free delivery to UK £3.00 overseas delivery. Basket is perfect to store your ritual supplies and comes wrapped in cellophane and ribbon ready to gift out perfect for xmas! 2 available, first 2 people to message me gets em! 

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